Police Use Gunfire to Stop Latest Dog Attack in Dallas

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DALLAS - We're used to stories about dogs helping us get rid of criminals, but lately it’s the dogs and their owners -- or lack thereof -- who have made headlines for criminal behavior.

The latest incident happened Monday morning on the 2200 block of Lea Crest in Dallas. It involved two dogs that became so violent that cops say they bit a man, leaving officers forced to fire their weapons for their own safety. Cops say neither dog shows obvious signs of gunshot wounds.

The owner of the dogs says they escaped from her backyard but neighbors, like Charlotte Monroe, say this isn't the first time they've had issues with the dogs, "They very vicious, they been attacking people lately, they attack other dogs," Monroe said.

Both dogs are now in custody and will remained quarantined for the next 10 days.

It's been three weeks since Antoinette Brown, a homeless woman in Dallas, was mauled by a pack of loose dogs. She died from her injuries a week later. that incident has sparked a renewed focus from the city's animal services division to round up stray dogs.

The city hopes that strict enforcement of pet laws and a stronger presence in neighborhoods is effective in solving the issue. as for now it looks like there's more work to be done before people can feel completely safe.