Pie’s Up! Naming Contest Ends for South Dallas Pizza Joint

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DALLAS -- Want free pizza for a year?

Well, we hope you got your application in because the contest to rename Dallas’ Black Jack Pizza is over, y’all!

Monday was the deadline, and your new name better have all the ingredients, except, of course, the one owner Dorothy Jones wants the most.

"Black Jack Pizza!” Jones laughed when asked her favorite entry so far.

In case you missed it, there’s a Black Jack Pizza in Colorado, nearly 700 miles away from this pizza joint near South Dallas’ Fair Park, but that didn’t stop them from sending Dorothy and Terry Jones a cease and desist letter.

The stakes: change the name or go to court.

It turns out the owners in Colorado decided to trademark the name “Black Jack.” So… game over.

“I'm still very sad,” Jones said. "I think that it’s a slap in the face. For 30 years you get used to something.”

But this duo made the best of a saucy situation by getting the pizza eating public involved with a re-naming contest.

The winner gets a large pizza and a sweet tea every month for a full year.

That’s a lot of pies, folks!

They’re going to double and triple check patent and trademark records this time around.

"Narrowing it down to one is going to be hard,” Jones said. "Someone said ‘MLK.' I said, 'Now you want the Kings to come and sue me?’''

After getting hundreds of entries, the Joneses are putting the pep back in pepperoni.

When they pick the new name in the coming weeks, ffuhgeddaboutit!