Four Deaths In Four Days On Mount Everest

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DALLAS -- It’s no big secret that climbing Mount Everest involves some big risks. In fact, in the past four days four climbers have died on the mountain.

Last year, Hollywood told the story of one Dallas doctor, Beck Weathers, who almost lost his life when he made the climb 20 years ago and got caught in a blizzard. Weathers lost his nose, his right arm, and the fingers on his left hand to frost bite.

“If I knew exactly what was going to happen to me on that mountain, every bit of pain, exhaustion, misery, and loss, knowing what I gained from it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Dr. Weathers said last year.

“I’ve heard him speak, they’re family friends, he was a marvel  to get as far as he got," David Gravelle said.

Gravelle has not made the climb to the top of Everest himself, but he has conquered Mt. Rainier in Washington state, and Mount Fuji in Japan.

“It was something I started dreaming about doing and I wanted to accomplish something,” Gravelle told Newsfix.

He also says he's not surprised about the deaths this weekend. Just two years ago, 16 sherpas were killed in a single day.

“The adage on that mountain is you start dying the higher you get, and so many times it's a race to get that to the top of the mountain and back.”

It’s a mountain without mercy, and that's a cold reality.