Drop 10 Pounds in 10 Days with the ‘Bring Joy’ Cleanse

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As cleanses go, dropping 10 to 15 pounds in just 10 days is pretty good. What if you not only dropped a little weight, but also revolutionized your eating habits? Celebrity Fitness Expert Basheerah Ahmad has developed the Bring Joy cleanse, that not only flushes toxins from your body, but encourages your taste buds to dig on healthy raw  foods.

Eye Opener's Laila Muhammad tried the cleanse herself and got with Ahmad to learn more about the types of foods you can eat, and ways you can make the most of the cleans. For raw foods, you'll need to go with uncooked fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but you can get creative. For example, Basheerah suggests making some Zucchini pasta.

Along with foods, Basheerah uses a five-step system of supplements that will flush out your blood, liver, and colon. Then to get your intestines squeaky clean, she adds on activated charcoal that you drink.  She stresses that while you may drop pounds, it's more about acclimating your body to new, healthier foods and creating a habit of healthy living.  To get all the info be sure to hit up BringJoyNow.com.