DeSoto Senior Lands Scholarship To Play Wheelchair Basketball

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DeSOTO, TX — Playing sports in high school is something a lot of kids take for granted, but not Efren Hubbard.

“I’ve overcome a lot. Not being able to play football or basketball like all the other kids, having to sit out of PE because I have numerous surgeries and casts on.” Efren said.

A senior at DeSoto, Efren has Arthrogryposis, a congenital disorder that keeps the joints from moving properly.

The disability kept him from playing sports at first, but it also made him eligible to play wheelchair basketball!

“Playing wheelchair basketball, it really helped me.” said Efren, “I could finally play a sport that I love.”

As a member of the Dallas Junior Wheelchair Mavericks, Efren was part of the national championship winning team in 2011, and his abilities on the court have now landed him a scholarship to play wheelchair basketball at Southwestern Minnesota State, starting this fall!

There, he’ll be able to pursue an education in his other passion: sports medicine.

But no education can match what he’s learned from life so far.

“Don’t let somebody else deter you away from something that you love, because, at the end of the day, you’re going to be the one reaping the benefits of what you want to do.”

If you would like to help Efren out on his journey to college, check out his Go Fund Me page!