Dallas Welcomes 50 New American Citizens From 21 Countries

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DALLAS -- Monday morning The Dallas Museum of Art welcomed 50 new American citizens from 21 countries.

Parshu Kadareia  came all the way from Bhutan looking for a better life.

"This is the first escape for a big opportunity here in the U.S.," he told Newsfix.

Parshu has been in the country for seven years, after spending most of his life as a refugee, forced to flee his homeland.

"In 1994, we went to Nepal. We were there as a refugee for almost 19 years," he explained.

In a special naturalization ceremony, he and other natives from places like Pakistan, Ethiopia  and Albania finally made it official.

"To spend life as a refugee is a hard one," Kadareia added. "Everything is in limit you don't have access to internet and even good food!"

Here's hoping Kadareia can live the American dream and maybe celebrate with some American pie!