5 Dallas Co-Working Spaces That Will Have You Thinking Outside the Cubicle

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Hillary Juster

By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

It’s hard out there for a millennial. If you don’t have or don’t want to have a full-time job, you basically have to create your own position out of nothing. Without an office, work can get tricky to organize. Fear not, young friends, Dallas hosts a litany of truly inspired spaces for the utterly creative. We’ve got 5 co-working spaces for you to set up more than just a desk space if you like to think outside the cubicle.


A Full-Service Start Up Station

The Dallas Entrepreneurial Center may seem like an ordinary co-working space, but the opportunities it offers go above and beyond the ordinary fare. From a monthly chat with a successful entrepreneur, to weekly Wednesday morning group pitch meetings, to open office hours with area mentors, the energy at the might just take your project to the next level whether you like it or not.

Before you even realize you have a problem, you may have several solutions lined up at The DEC.

Room To Grow In Addison

Much like The DEC, Addison Treehouse provides coworking, community, and events. Perhaps because The DEC founded Addison Treehouse, they offer much of the same resources, in a different location. They also have a similar pricing structure, where new members can either purchase a floating entry, an anchored desk space, or a real office.


A Creative Lab For Art, Craft, and Science

If the thought of 3D printers and scanners, vector lasers, and a whole woodworking studio gets your creative juices flooding, you may need to check in on Dallas Makerspace. They have almost every art, craft, and tech process available there, in addition to people who can teach it to you. DMS proves your never too old to follow your odd passion, and they have a wall covered in funded Kickstarter projects that prove it!


An Illustrated Guide To Koworking

KoWork hasn’t been around downtown too long, but they’re already making a big impression. From their painted walls, to a recent partnership with The Foundry Club, this little creative gem may be making some big waves in the Dallas Start Up scene. Check them out for yourself during one of their Friday open houses.


Will CoWork For Food

Fort Work isn’t actually located in Fort Worth. It’s located downtown, and for that reason, they seriously love Serious Pizza. They also loveย waffles for that matter and host a Waffle Wednesday with fresh vegan and buttermilk waffles available to members and those interested in joining. We could get used to working like this!