Scammed At The Pump: Irving PD Issues Warning For Credit Card Skimmers

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IRVING — Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and if you’re planning to hit the road for the summer’s first holiday the good news is that gas price aren’t looking too bad around the Metroplex.

The bad news, every time you buy fuel you run the risk of someone stealing your credit card information.

In the past week, the Irving Police Department put out an alert after two credit card skimmers were found at gas stations in the city.

“The credit card information is skimmed all the time using various types of skimmers at various different places and often unseen,” said Officer James McLellan with Irving PD.

The skimmers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are even installed inside the gas pump where you can’t see them. It was those kinds that Irving PD found.

It isn’t a tough scam either. Devices that can be used for skimming are easily purchased on the internet, and a surveillance video released by Miami PD earlier this year shows that installing the device just takes seconds.

So what should customers be looking for when it comes to these criminal stealing skimmers?

“We encourage people to look for any signs of tampering. Any marks, pry marks on the door,” said McLellan. “Particularly the security seal tape that these businesses put across the door to see if it has been broken.”

Gas station patrons should also reconsider the way they pay at the pump.

“Another piece of advice that I would give people is to use your debit card as a credit card at the pump,” McLellan advised. “On a particular group of criminals that we worked in the past, they were strictly after the debit card number and the pin.”

So be on the lookout and a little wary, because if you’re not careful, while your tank is filling up your bank account might be emptying out, thanks to the skimmers and the scammers!

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