Bring It On! Cowboys Cheerleaders Hold Final Tryouts

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ARLINGTON -- "This is my dream. This is something I’ve worked for since I was four years old,” Shelbi Crawford said.

“It's everything I’ve been working all year for...really all my life for,” Kelli Sullivan added.

"I chose this because of who they are,” Megan Carcioppolo said.

We’re going to come right out and say it (and you might want to sit down for this): There’s not just one America’s Team.


There are actually two, and they just happen to be under the same roof.

Everything about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is iconic, and a new group of hard working women took the next step toward joining that legacy Saturday.

It was the finals portion of the tryout process… next stop, training camp.

"Because I’ve been at finals before, it’s very exciting,” Sullivan said of her trip to this portion. "I love this round. However, I would love to hear my name called for training camp. That is the ultimate goal.”

A select few have already found the promised land in the past, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

“You're with your friends, so that’s really nice,” said two-year veteran Melissa Wallace. "You have a support system, but there’s that expectation of being a vet and being almost perfect.”

Of course, they take a cue from a guy on the field at AT&T Stadium, Mr. X-Factor himself.

"Dez Bryant does have his X thing,” Carcioppolo said. "To be a part of the DCC, you really just have to be confident. That’s what we look for, a girl that holds her head high and walks in the room and demands attention.”

As for whose names will be called? Good luck making that decision.

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