Ugh — DFW Passengers Among Most Delayed in Country

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DALLAS -- If you're planning on flying out of DFW International Airport this summer, don't expect to fly through the security checkpoints.

It's, apparently, taking hours for some people to make it through security. And American Airlines told NewsFix that last week DFW saw the second most missed flights in the country!

So many people are missing flights that airlines are providing cots for passengers stranded at the airport overnight.

So... what exactly is putting the "lines" in "airlines?" Well, for one thing, more people are flying. 'Tis the season, after all, and that's only gonna get worse as the summer heats up.

Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration -- you know, the ones running those checkpoints -- is losing agents faster than they can hire them.

TSA is also having trouble getting people to sign up for their Pre-Check program. Members can skip the longer lines and keep their shoes on, but there are only about nine million Pre-Checkers so far, compared to the TSA's goal of 25 million.

So... while airlines and TSA screeners try to find ways to get passengers on their planes quicker, Pre-Check might be your best bet, IF the express lanes are open, that is...

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