Magical Minerva Escapes Ruff Life for a New Wizarding World

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DALLAS -- She's a teacher, a protector, and most of all, a survivor.

"She's a really great example of keep hope alive," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Holly Morgan.

Sure sounds like Harry Potter heroine and headmaster Minerva McGonagall, doesn't it? Turns out, a different Minerva brings magic to our world.

"An elderly couple who lived in South Dallas had actually called and needed help because they found a dog that wasn't theirs, that had given birth under an abandoned car that was sitting in their backyard," Morgan said.

With a super smile and an awesome attitude, Minerva became a Dallas Pets Alive! poster pooch almost immediately, but there was one problem.

"She's a totally lovely dog who was with us for a very long time and not really for any good reason," Morgan said.

She was in foster care for more than a year, at least, until an adoption event earlier this year.

"When we left that day I said, 'Oh Andy, I can't stop thinking about Minerva,'" said new owner Jill Underwood.

Just like that, Underwood and Andy Waltzer, together 15 years themselves, became first time dog owners.

"She insisted on being in bed with us the very first night she was with us," Underwood said.

Through it all, she kept her trademark toothy grin.

"She's definitely affectionate, to say the least," Underwood said. "She does defy the pitbull stereotype."

Is it magic? Nope. It's just Minerva.

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