Bite Me?! Latest Massage Trends Giving Us Goosebumps

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NEW YORK, NY — After a long hard day at work, a massage on-demand sounds like a really good idea. Well, soon enough, they’ll be an app for that!

Like Uber or all those other mobile services out there, Zeel is the first company to bring you a massage. Just swipe and a licensed massage therapist shows up to your house in an hour. Although it’s not 24/7, the service is available as early as at 8am and as late as 10:30pm.

But on the other hand, some folks are a little weary about a random person coming to your crib to rub you down. That may be on level five creep status for some. It’s also goes both ways, will the massage therapist be willing to show up anywhere?

No worries.

The people at Zeel reassures customers will be able to choose the gender of their therapist, and they’ll receive a picture and bio of the person once they request the service. They also vet their employees before sending them out and ID check all customers.

Guess it’s like online dating, except it’s a massage not marriage. Womp, womp!

But it seems like the massage biz is taking things to the extreme these days. Ever been bitten during your massage? Yeah, like someone uses their teeth on your back!

At first it sounds like a sequel to 50 Shades of Grey, but apparently it’s a new trend among A-list celebrities.

One celebrity masseuse in New Jersey told Refinery 29 she bites her clients in a technique that’s supposed to tenderize muscles.

We’ll rate this a level 10 creep status. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing!

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