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One Bison Finds New Life as Another’s Ends Too Soon

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FLOWER MOUND, Texas -- Some people prefer to keep their distance from wildlife, but recently, the bison curious among us have been making headlines.

Like in the case of Bullet, the 7-year-old domesticated bison from Argyle. Her owner recently put her up for sale on Craigslist so that Bullet, who weighs 1,000 pounds, would have more space to roam.

Well, a fellow bison lover in Flower Mound took up the offer and now Bullet will be sharing a pasture with a couple of cows. Even though parting with Bullet had to be tough, an even tougher decision was made concerning another bison.

Officials at Yellowstone National Park are urging visitors to leave wildlife alone after a recent tragedy.

A father and son thought they were rescuing a baby bison from the cold when they loaded it into their SUV. Little did they know, they were doing much more harm than good. When a calf is removed from its mother, the mother will sometimes reject it completely. That's what happened in this case.

Park Rangers tried to reunite the baby with the herd but were unsuccessful. The park decided to euthanize the bison because, apparently, it was approaching people and cars which can lead to dangerous situations.

Just another lesson that if you really love wildlife, sometimes the best thing to do is to just let it run wild.

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