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No Crap — Imodium is the Newest Way to Get High

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NORTH TEXAS -- We've all had that crappy feeling before and quickly grab a box of Imodium anti-diarrhea medicine for help. But did you know these days people aren't just using the medicine to block their bowels? They're using it to get high!

Researchers at North Texas Poison Center say addicts who are cramped on cash and can't afford painkillers to get that fix are taking Imodium instead.

Dr Shannon Rickner says she's seen the odd trend among men and women in their early 20's. Instead of taking the recommended two to three tablets to help ease diarrhea --- they'll take between 20 and 30 pills at a time!

"Websites like Reddit and Bluelight started having discussion between people that were trying to figure out how to use the over the counter medication as a way to get high," explained Rickner.

Imodium junkies may have way more problems than the people using the drug to stop from running to the restroom. Turns out, popping the pills for the wrong reason can lead to severe side effects including including poisoning.

"It winds up changing the mechanism of the electrical activity in the heart and starts generating arrhythmia," added Rickner.

But this isn't the first time addicts have found a new low to get high.

People use white out, aerosol sprays, and now, even nutmeg to get tanked --- and believe it or not, too much can kill you. Yeah ... even nutmeg.

We have to say, whoever came up with this latest cheap thrill is really a piece of crap!

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