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Chris Wood: ‘Containment’ Finale Won’t Leave Fans Feeling ‘Lost’

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During the crazy week of network upfronts in which new shows are ordered and current series are given the axe, The CW announced that “Containment” would not live to see Season 2. Billed as a “limited series event,” it was never touted to be an ongoing series, but it did have the foundation to become an anthology similar to “American Horror Story” or “American Crime.” However, unless the Julie Plec-produced series finds a home elsewhere, this is the end of the road for “Containment.”

Which also means that this will be the last time audiences will see actor Chris Wood — who stars as Jake Riley — gazing through the TV screen with eyes like this. [Moment of silence, please.]

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Zap2it got so speak with Wood numerous times throughout the year long process it took “Containment” to come to fruition.  We discussed his excitement to be involved with the show after the pilot initially got picked up and how filming was going during a set visit in Atlanta back in Nov. Then, right before the series premiered, we wondered if the suspenseful drama would leave audiences with a cliffhanger in hopes of another season pick-up, or if we’d find out how the viral outbreak started and who’s responsible for the terrorism by the end of the series.

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Wood first stated how happy he was that the show finally made it to air. “I think the thing I’m most excited about is the simple fact that it’s going to be seen,” he said. “It’s been a long journey from the pilot to the series. It almost feels like my job isn’t completed until the work can be shared. It’s nice to know someone is finally going to get to see it.”

At the time, the options for the “limited series event” to continue beyond these episodes were endless. There could be different days, different people or an outbreak in and entirely different city. Wood agreed, “I have hopes, obviously for the show to continue, and to keep working with these people. It’s a great group. We have a blast.”

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News of cancellation must be a blow to all involved, especially for Wood, who envisioned the show having legs. “In terms of story, there’s definitely more story to tell,” he says. “Who knows? Maybe there’s other outbreaks. You can quickly move a disease. All it takes is one person having the virus [and] taking a flight somewhere. The show could have many different versions, not just what we’re going to see in this first one.”

Since the show will not be continuing on, we asked if this season would wrap itself up. “Obviously, I’m not going to spoil it,” Wood said, “but I can say this season won’t leave anyone disappointed. It will have a feeling of completion. As every good season of television ends with a sort of button, where you feel you’ve arrived somewhere. It has that energy of being ‘contained'”

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So this won’t be like “Lost?” Wood laughed that question off, promising that “[Containment] won’t do that to you. Everyone will feel like the show left them at the end of the season feeling okay.”

“Containment” airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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