Tree Feast: Food Fellowship and Trees

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DALLAS — When you think about what is needed after a major disaster strikes, what comes to mind for most is water, food, first aid, and eventually to rebuild.

But what about all of the beautiful landscaping that was destroyed? What about the trees?

Well, the organization RETREET is dedicated to replanting trees in communities that have experienced natural disasters. And Thursday they hosted their very first benefit dinner at Garden Cafe appropriately named “Tree Feast.”

Eight chefs came together to volunteer for the cause, providing guests with eight courses, all of which contained one or more ingredients from trees. From chicken served on banana blossom tree leaves, to nut pie, there was something for everyone.

Check it out!

In addition to the dinner was a presentation providing details on the iniatiave as well as a silent auction.

RETREET plans to replant in Rowlett this December.

If you are intrested in donating to RETREET, or even becoming a volunteer, click here.