Godly Issues: N. Richland Hills’ New City Hall Opens to Controversy

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS -- They may have a new City Hall, but officials in North Richland Hills are fighting the same old battles. We're talking Old Testament old. It's all about these four words: "In God We Trust."

Although some North Richland Hills residents made it clear at Friday's grand opening that they don't want that somewhere to be in their City Hall.

"It's unconstitutional,"  protester Randall Gorman said. "There should be a strict separation between church and state. It should come down right now."

Mayor Oscar Trevino believes the motto serves as a reminder to the people who serve the residents of North Richland Hills, "There's a higher authority so if we treat somebody with disrespect there's going to be a day of reckoning, and I think that's all it's about."

But if the people protesting the motto think they're going to be successful in getting it taken down, the only reminder they need of how difficult that can be is right in their pockets in the form of the currency that also has “In God We Trust” emblazoned on it.