Forget Frozen: McDonald’s Testing Fresh Beef at 14 Dallas Joints

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DALLAS -- McDonald's has tried several new foods, like kale salad, chocolate fries, the grey burger, mac n cheese. And remember those wings?

Now, McDonald's chefs are trying something that might stick. Fresh beef.

The burger chain is testing fresh beef over "frozen" patties.

And guess who is the test kitchen? The Big D. We're learning 14 area golden arches have been doing this since November.

But some burger joints are way ahead of the game.

"Fresh never frozen. We never use frozen. We've never used a frozen burger here," said Bradley Anderson, Snuffer's District Manager.

Snuffer's on Greenville Avenue has been doing burgers for 38 years. They have nine locations and are set to open two new stores.  They have no appetite for frozen patties.

"We use ground chuck, that's a blend that I think adds more flavor to the mix," said Anderson.

It looks like Mickey D's is trying to get in on this "fresh" thing, because we all like "fresh food," right?

Well, if this works and gets rolled out nationwide and helps sales, McDonald's may have a "real" happy meal.