Trump’s Ex-Butler Calls for Obama to Be Killed — WHAT?!

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NEW YORK CITY -- Ah…. The butler, your friend and confidant. The person who brings you breakfast and wants to kill the president for you!

Wait, what?

Anthony Peter Senecal, also known as Donald Trump's former butler and estate historian, has made quite the mess on Facebook. Yeah, Senecal has been giving everyone a piece of his mind. In one post he said Obama should have been “taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent.”


In case you're curious, wanting the president dead is a good way to get the Secret Service's attention. They launched an investigation into Senecal on Thursday.

Trump and his campaign were quick to disavow the butler's horrible statements. And although Senecal did work for Trump for 30 years, they say he left Mar-a-Lago years ago.

But these threatening racial rants have put a spotlight on Trump's long-time butler and right now,  it looks like the butler did it!