Top DFW Things to do on Friday the 13th

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By Alexis Stice, NewsCastic

When you think of Friday the 13th do you think of a fictional killer, bad luck or the fun really associated with this day? Turn that luck around with these ideas that will make it better than any other day!

Tattoo Specials

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Many tattoo parlors offer specials on Friday the 13th. Get small tattoos which are typically a name, symbol or other preselected image. Select shops will have prices as low as $13! Remember this day forever…. seriously. Just call around to find the artist or style you desire. If you desire the number 13 check out Elm Street Tattoo for their annual event.

Happy Hour or Happy Day?

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If for some odd reason you do seem to have bad luck drink those sorrows away. In addition to regular happy hour specials many bars/ restaurants offer great steals on this day. A personal favorite is the TNTea from Dave and Busters! Make it feel like any old day that is free from superstitions.

Big Bucks

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Try your luck at playing the lottery or even a scratch off! Who knows the luck may be meant to be on this day. It could also be bad in which case you can finally blame it on a day. If you happen to strike gold maybe this day isn’t so bad after all! Only one way to find out. Are you brave enough?

Scare the Bad Luck Away

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Haunted houses are always fun around Halloween but did you know they also make an appearance on this special day? Get spooked out and try making it out without a heart attack. Many have attempted and very little succeeded. Do you have what it takes to get through it? Make a run for it and see for yourself.

Feast on This

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See a special showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Lakewood! It’s fun year round and even better on this day. Go with friends or even a date for a night like no other. What’s the worst luck you can have besides drenching yourself in overpriced soda or popcorn down your shirt? Sing along and have a good time.

Taste of Addison

Scare your diet and summer body away by going to Taste Addison. They offer over 180 restaurants over 4.4 miles of land which is sure to satisfy everyone no matter how picky you may be! It lasts all through the weekend and is perfect for even the smallest (and biggest) of appetites. Buy your ticket today and bring your hunger!

The Saga Continues..

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For a festive night on a budget check out the Friday the 13th Part 2 Bash in Arlington! No cover charge is listed but they are selling shirts and the proceeds go to the charity, Second Chance Ranch. They have haunted vendors and so much more including prizes! Go big or go home. The big screen is outdoors waiting for your arrival. Come if you dare.