Pooper Scooper: Dallas Zoo Settles Stinking Stanley Cup Bet

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NORTH TEXAS— It was clean up day for the Dallas Stars, in more way than one!

Over in Frisco, the team packed up after getting bounced from the playoffs, while over at the Dallas Zoo, there was also some cleaning thanks to a bet with the St. Louis Zoo.

Yeah, because the Stars lost to the Blues, the zoo’s vice-president had to shovel up elephant “you-know-what” all while wearing a Blues jersey.

“This is part of our payoff. We always pay our bets,” said Sean Greene, the zoo’s Vice-President of Guest Experience. “And I had to have some interesting a fun work today to pay off that bet.”

So yeah, the playoff loss really stinks,and the team was still feeling it.

“It’s going to be tough to watch the last couple of rounds of the playoffs,” said Patrick Sharp. “But those are feelings and emotions that you have to battle with that hopefully make you stronger in the future.”

But the work never really ends in the NHL!

“I’ll be working really hard on that starting next week, to get it back to 100%,” Tyler Seguin said of rehabbing his achilles and calf injuries that kept him out of the playoffs.

And team meetings are also just around the corner as the team plans for next season.

“It’ll be more about maintaining certain areas, maintaining this level of play in certain areas,” head coach Lindy Ruff said when asked about the team’s strategy going forward.

Well, the Stars can hopefully shovel away the “crap” and win it all next year, because even though this season just ended, everyone from the zoo to the rink can’t wait for the next one to start.