Longest TSA Line EVER?! Chicago Airport Video Goes Viral

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Get to the airport early -- check!

Pack light -- check!

Put liquids in a plastic baggie -- check!

We've done it all, but we're still waiting in line. Here we go again. Just as the summer travel crunch heats up, it seems TSA is slowing down.

In Chicago, passengers are waiting more than two hours to get through security. Check out this video posted to YouTube at Midway Airport. Insane!

We're seeing long waits right here in DFW and across the country.

So, what's the darn problem?! Well, after getting grilled with that question on Capitol Hill, TSA received Congressional approval to re-allocate funds so they can increase security officers at all security check points.

Until all the kinks are worked out, you know the drill -- pack your patience and plan to spend as much time in line as you do planning your trip.


Oh, did we mention fares are going up too?!

Ugh... happy traveling.