Chew on This: Chef Kev Ashade

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DALLAS – There's no arguing DFW has its fair share of eateries, but this week we're putting the spotlight on one Dallas chef that's bringing his personal touch to a more intimate setting.

Chef Kevin Ashade, better known as Chef Kev, is killing the private food service game. From slicing and dicing for professional athletes like JJ Barea, to owning his company GourmEATS.

NewsFix caught up with Chef Kev at the Elite Appliance showroom to get a glimpse, and taste, of one of his many specialties --- brunch!

"Brunch to me is something that a lot of people can come together,” Ashade told NewsFix. “From drinking mimosas to eating good food."

And his menu is nothing short of perfection. From pan seared, Cajun seasoned crab cakes made with fresh lump crab, to the bay scallops, to the eggs in a basket -- or what he likes to call "Toad in a Hole."

So where did Chef Kev get his knack for the kitchen?

"I got my start in the kitchen around 8-9 years old. I started watching Emeril Aggasi. That was my favorite chef on Food Network."

Fast forward a few years, and he's battling it out against the best.

Chew on This: Chef Kev recently took his talents to the Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay," serving the host a big fat "L."

"It's a blessing,” Ashade said. "There's been three other Chefs, so four total in Dallas that's been able to be on the show. I've been the only one that was actually successfully able to beat him, but rarely does he lose."

"There's hardly any chefs that are actually doing something,” Ashade said. “A lot of other chefs come here from other cities, countries, states and what not that actually end up doing something. So I can say I came back to my home town and I representing."

Now that's what we call, down home cookin'!