A Housebroken Bison For Sale?! Now We’ve Seen It All

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ARGYLE, TX -- Just when you thought you'd seen all the crazy stuff Craigslist has to offer, along comes a listing out of Argyle, Texas.

For sale?  An 8-year-old, 1,000 pound bison named Bullet who "does not potty in the house," because "Bullet is tame and housebroken."

Yep, apparently she's "perfectly gentle, and content to hang out."

So, basically like a bigger version of Dillie the deer who's famous on the internet for living indoors.

Hey, we also dug up some footage of a cow in Alabama who sits at picnic tables like a person! You gotta hit the video to see it.

Anyway, if you wanna own your own potty-trained bovine, well, you might be outta luck. The Craigslist ad has been "flagged for removal."

Maybe that means Bullet found her new home already!