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Standing & Fighting: AG Ken Paxton Proclaims Innocence

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DALLAS — On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton let his lawyers do the talking at the Fifth Court of Appeals. It was in an effort to get three felony charges dismissed against Paxton in a fraud case involving a North Texas start-up.

But it was Paxton doing all the talking in a YouTube video posted Wednesday titled, “I’m standing and fighting!”

The Attorney General came out swinging.

“I want you to hear directly from me, unfiltered by liberal reporters, spin doctors and political opponents. These charges are false and I will prevail against them in court,” he said.

Paxton claimed the charges against him are politically motivated.

“It’s not a coincidence that the chief witness against me in these charges is a political adversary of mine. Some folks are upset that they`re moderate candidate didn’t win.”

He even managed to get a few jabs in against the Obama administration.

“For the last seven and a half years, President Obama has been working hard to take over the legislative branch through aggressive and illegal executive action. Thankfully, we finally secured the opportunity to put a stop to it, and I’m confident we will prevail.”

The court is expected to take between two and three months to make a decision. In the meantime, Paxton is scheduled to speak at the Texas State Republican Convention Saturday.

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