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South Dallas Steps Up Stray Dogs Patrols Following Deadly Attack

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DALLAS — Antoinette Brown was mauled to death by a pack of loose dogs on Rutledge Street in South Dallas. They bit her more than 100 times.

Now nearly two weeks later, Dallas Animal Services is out in full force, trying to show this neighborhood they are serious about this stray dog problem.

“Since last week, we’ve concentrated four units in this area doing patrols, talking to neighbors; we’ve got traps set trying to catch loose dogs in this area," Kris Sweckard, the director for Code Compliance told reporters.

But tensions are still high in the area after folks here say their calls for help went unheeded, before the tragic attack.

“I’m mad as hell, yes I am and I’ll tell it to the entire City of Dallas. I am very angry, because this shouldn’t have ever happened,” said Rose Crouch, a local resident, “My little old great grandson here, the dogs could’ve bitten him.”

NewsFix followed an Animal Services team throughout the neighborhood and the extent of the problem was apparent. Animal Services pursued a stray dog into an abandoned home, where yet another dog was holed up.

In the end, neither was taken in by Dallas Animal Services.

Folks who live in this area are relieved that they are finally getting the attention they wanted from the city.

“What the city is doing right now, I appreciate that," Crouch said. "And I respect them for it.”

But it all comes too late for Antoinette Brown.

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