LAPD Testing Out Tesla Cop Cars for High-Speed Chases

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LOS ANGELES -- In Los Angeles, police chases are as common as selfies. And as we make the transition to more Earth-friendly electric cars, police departments are changing the technology they use to chase the not so friendly criminals among us.

Tesla has become synonymous not only with electric cars but with fast electric cars and their fastest is the $100,000 Model S which can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds.

For over a year, LAPD has been testing a couple of models on loan from Tesla to determine whether the car would be useful as an everyday patrol car and even as the ideal car to use in chases. It's part of an overall "green" push by the City of Los Angeles, which already operates the largest city-owned all-electric fleet in the country.

So for the fast and furious criminals out there, watch out. In a few years, the cops in your rearview are will be closer than they appear.

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