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Inmate to Texas — Pay for Sex Change or I’ll Cut Off My Penis!

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GATESVILLE, TEXAS -- While everybody's talking about which bathroom a transgender person should use, a Texas prison inmate wants to talk about making the transition from male to female.

"Having male genitalia, it makes me literally sick," Scott Gibson said. "I'm talking about to the point that I hate my life and it's an everyday thing."

Scott Gibson is a 38-year-old convicted killer who claims to be a woman in a man's body.

"You might not see my pain and you might not understand my pain but my pain is real," Gibson said

And to ease that pain, Gibson wants the state to pay for gender reassignment surgery.

"Just like they pay for any other TDC inmate's medical problems," Gibson said.

For now, the state is saying "no."

Jason Clark, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, released a statement saying, "Offenders cannot have gender reassignment surgery which would be considered elective and is not covered under the TDCJ offender health care plan."

Gibson, who wants to use the name Vanessa, has filed a lawsuit to force the state to pay.

The federal judge in the case, Walter Smith, won't comment on the case.

Gibson's having a tough time finding support. Both the ACLU of Texas and Equality Texas are also refusing to comment on the case.

California's the one state that has paid for gender reassignment, helping convicted killer Rodney Quine  become Shiloh Quine, to settle a lawsuit.

There's no word on when the judge will rule on the Texas case.

For his part, Gibson vows to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court. If that fails he says, "I'm going to go ahead and castrate myself and cut my penis off."

Something Gibson knows might be a fatal move.

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