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Foods to Blast Away Belly Fat for the Summer

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Bikini season is getting closer by the day and if you're looking to flatten that tummy, it might be more about what you're eating and not how often you're hitting the gym.  Lifestyle expert Roni Proter with has some simple ways to alter your diet that will still leave you satisfied while helping to trim up that belly fat.

For breakfast, Roni suggests cutting out sugar. Instead of grabbing something quick, she recommends making a really easy "smoothiebowl." Start with coconut milk and add in some very chocolatey Vega Protein and Greens protein powder, which includes two servings of greens, 20 grams of protein, and is completely free of sugar. Lastly, add a banana and blend it all together to make your "smoothiebowl." If you want to take it up a notch, after it's blended, top it with fresh berries and pumpkin seeds.

For lunch, Roni recommends replacing meat with gluten free quinoa and loading up on fiber. Try putting that quinoa on a big crunchy salad and then making your own salad dressing with some fresh herbs and lemon juice, which is known for blasting fat.

For dinner, adjust your meat to vegetable ratio. Fill up on veggies like kalettes, which is a combo of superfood kale and brussels sprouts. Pair this with a smaller, leaner meat or fish for the last meal of the day.

Now for dessert, skip the typical sugar laden snacks and go for a natural sugar like papayas. These things are loaded with enzymes and nutrients that have fat flushing properties.

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