What’s Next? FWISD Superintendent Stands by Transgender Rules

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FORT WORTH -- Dr. Kent Scribner is in the middle of a controversy.  But was the Fort Worth ISD superintendent in the wrong for "unilaterally" issuing transgender student guidelines for the district?

Well, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick seems to think so.

"If he's gonna insist, as he is so far, on pushing this through, I think he should resign," Patrick said Tuesday,

But the super says... nah.

"I respect the Lt. Governor's opinion," said Dr. Scribner. "But I respectfully disagree."

Okay, but were Scribner's actions, you know, legal?  We asked Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback.

"The laws are not clear at all," Ruback said. "Does state law allow it?  We don't know.  Does the school district policy allow it?  Again, we don't know.  This isn't gonna be settled any time soon."

The cause of all this commotion and confusion is a new set of ISD guidelines which updated and clarified non-discrimination policies the district passed back in 2010.

The new document is centered around the treatment of transgender students, and seems to give trans teens the option of using restrooms and playing sports based on their gender identities rather than their biological sexes.  There are eight pages of pointers for making trans kids feel safe and preventing discrimination.

"This is not a bathroom policy," Scribner insisted Tuesday. "Everyone's privacy and dignity is honored."

Bathroom policy or not, the new guidelines fired up quite a crowd at Tuesday's board meeting, with folks for and against.

But it seems we'll have to wait for the dust to settle to see if Dr. Scribner and his trans-friendly rules stay... or go.