Ruff Life: If You Smell What Roo is Cooking… Give Her a Home!

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DALLAS --Her name may be Roo, but she's never lived the cushy pouch life like her Hundred Acre Wood namesake.

“Because she was so fearful when she was brought in as a street dog, she had a real problem getting along with people, being around other dogs, being in other situations," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Holly Morgan. "She’s come such a long way.”

In pictures, Roo looks like a little lady, but make no mistake, this is a 50-pound pup.

“She just looks like a tiny terrier maybe that someone put a grow ray on and turned her into a larger dog,” Morgan said.

That grow ray must've supplied some super powers along the way.

“She has a really intense, very smart nose," Morgan said. "She could be a working dog if she wanted to.”

So, what kind of work would work for this white haired sniffer?

“Maybe she could be a sommelier? Maybe a perfumer?" Morgan joked. "More realistically, she could be a drug sniffing dog.”

Like many superheroes, she's used to working alone, but she's warming to the idea of sidekicks.

“She does really well with dogs who are male and are her size or bigger,” Morgan said.

This super dog has the power, though, and she's ready to use it.

“Her super nose, if you want to call it that, is not something that every dog has," Morgan said. "She really likes using that skill.”

So if you want a girl who can be gainfully employed, Roo's ready!