Not Funny: Prank Gets Seniors Banned From Graduation

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OSCEOLA, Ark. -- The seniors got a kick out of their prank, but administrators aren't the least bit amused. Now, nearly half the students of an Arkansas senior class will miss their high school graduation.

And get this, some of them are facing criminal charges.

What the heck did they do?!

"(There was) a lot of stuff on the floor," said student Jamieon Anderson. "It was a little spray paint, but it wasn't much."

Anderson say he and classmates dumped trash and water all over the building. Other people pulled out spray paint cans. One student even admitted to peeing in a classroom.

While the school district hasn't yet commented,  police did tell WREG they are investigating.

"They did it. They have to suffer the consequences for that," said parent Sherrie Gaven.

While she and other parents understand their kids made a mistake, they are hoping the administration changes its mind.

"Half of our families (are) coming from out of state, and I don't know how I'm going to tell my grandma I am not walking the stage," said Anderson.

Some seniors not involved in the prank said they may hold a protest and not show up to Friday's ceremony, either.