The Flash: Kevin Smith Says Man in Iron Mask Reveal Will ‘Make You Cry’

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Man in the Iron Mask on “The Flash”


One of the biggest mysteries in Season 2 of “The Flash” is the mystery of the man in the iron mask on Earth-2 and it’s one you’re going to have to wait for. The reveal won’t happen until the Season 2 finale of the series, but according to director Kevin Smith, who helped the the “Runaway Dinosaur” episode, it’s worth the wait.

“That’s one of the first things I asked when I got up there. I was like “Who’s in the iron mask?” And they told me and I cried,” he tells Zap2it. “It’s beautiful. It will make you cry. I almost wish I was involved in that moment in some way.”

I’ve seen someone online, on Twitter, guess it.

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According to Smith, that reveal is one of a pair of moments in the next two episodes that will rock fans to their very core.

“There’s two moments coming up in episodes after mine. The ending of episode 22 is a fucking … it will break your brain and it will break your heart,” he says. “It’s wonderful and horrible at the same time — it’s so epic and so big.”

He continues, “And the season finale they do something in it with the man in the iron mask — it will make you cry. It’s so beautiful.”

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Once he realized how all the pieces fit together, “I was like, ‘Holy Shit!’” Smith says. “It expands the show at the same time as being insanely emotional and touching and perfect. That show is insanely well-written within an inch of its life.”

Sounds like the identity of the man in the iron mask is going to be a good one.