Bull Leads Arlington Cops on Slow-Speed Chase

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- The infamous O.J. Simpson chase has made us all familiar with police chases that involve Broncos, but it was a different rodeo animal leading cops on a slow chase Monday in Arlington.

A bull was running loose in a neighborhood near Veteran’s Park, which had multiple residents dialing 911 in disbelief.

One caller even said that the bull was even nice enough to help the neighborhood with their lawn care as he strolled through, “It's sitting here eating grass, actually.”

Luckily, the walking lawnmower was never aggressive as he roamed the streets.

In pure Texas fashion, the bull was corralled by a ranch owner in Dalworthington Gardens who got on his horse and safely lassoed the bull who was eventually returned to his owner.

Hopefully, this was this bull's last rodeo out on the streets of Arlington.