Yikes! Live Python Falls From Washington Hospital Ceiling

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TACOMA, Wash. — An escaped white ball python is back with its owner after falling from the ceiling at Washington’s Tacoma General Hospital. The snake had been hiding in the hospital since last month.

Sources say a visitor brought the snake to the hospital in a cat carrier full of stuffed animals.  After the owner got home, he realized his python had escaped and notified the hospital, according to KCPQ.

But they weren’t worried — they see weird stuff all the time.

Hospital workers said they didn’t think anything of it because strange things happen all the time. The snake was found, “when it came out of the ceiling ventilation on April 30,” said Marce Edwards with MultiCare Health System.

Edwards confirmed that the owner picked up his fugitive pet reptile and took it home. It’s not clear what the snake was eating and drinking while living in the hidden passageways and ceiling areas of the facility.

We can only assume the lack of panic means there are no missing patients. Probably some missing rodents, but not patients.

As terrifying as it might be for someone confined to a hospital bed to see a snake drop from the ceiling, no one was ever in any real danger.

Ball python snakes are not venomous and the constrictors don’t usually get large enough to pose a danger to humans.

Does that last part make you feel better? Yeah, us neither.

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