‘Vampire Diaries’: Hope for Steroline, But Bamon on the Rocks

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The penultimate episode of the May 6 The Vampire Diaries took a wrecking ball to all of our favorite relationships, while only leaving a hint of hope behind in its wake.

As much as we’d have loved for Caroline (Candice King) to be the one to pull Bonnie (Kat Graham) out of her huntress mind-warp and back to reality, it turns out girl power can’t always save the day. Bonnie immediately turns on her best friend, stabbing her and marking her. Even without the help of the Phoenix Sword, Bonnie is one powerful huntress.

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Sensing Caroline is in serious danger, Stefan (Paul Wesley) drugs her and kidnaps her, hoping to protect her from Bonnie’s wrath. After much convincing — and a teary phone call to the twins — he manages to convince Caroline that running and leaving her loved ones behind is the only way to keep them safe.

A frank discussion of feelings between these two has been coming for what feels like forever. Now that Caroline knows first hand how hard Stefan’s life on the run has been, it’s definitely put his absence into perspective for her.

She may be right that Stefan made a unilateral choice about their relationship, and she probably deserves to still be angry. On the other hand, nothing says I’m sorry like fleeing for your life up the Eastern seaboard, and road trips often equal sparks. Anyone else remember that Delena motel kiss? There may be hope for Steroline yet.

As for Bamon, we didn’t think things could get any rockier… and then they did.

Damon (Ian Somerhlader), too, tries and fails to get into Bonnie’s head and receives a mark in the process. Unfortunately, he also wakes her up and puts her on the hunt.

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His confession at her old grave didn’t leave a dry eye in the house, but a woman scorned plus a powerful curse will not be foiled by nostalgia and sincerity. Bonnie nearly stakes him through the heart before Matt intervenes and knocks her out. Poor Lieutenant Donovan can’t quite catch a win though, and she overpowers him just a few hours later.

Huntress Bonnie is officially loose and looking for her three targets: Damon, Enzo and Caroline.

Now, the only way to save Bonnie might be to venture into the armory, where the unnamed vault monster lurks, waiting to warp and kill anyone who enters. Sounds like finale material to us!

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 7 p.m. on CW33.

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