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Tent City Aftermath: Dallas Mayor Sets Up Team to Tackle Homelessness

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DALLAS -- The mayor is happy with how Tent City was shut down last week.  He says there were no arrests made and no citations given, all while shrinking the homeless population.

“Forty-five percent of those individuals found housing in shelters or reconnected with family and friends," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

But the city knows shutting down Tent City won't fix the bigger problem. And he says throwing food at the problem isn't the answer either.

“We don’t need every Sunday school class coming down with bags of McDonald’s hamburgers and handing them out. Food is not the issue," the Mayor said.

So, the mayor set up a commission along with the county to work on new ideas to handle the remaining homeless camps. They say they'll look at options from Salt Lake City and Denver where their homeless population has drastically dropped.

The city will get its first report from the Housing Commission in August.

As for the homeless population who have set up camp under yet another bridge, they say if they get moved again, they'll pay a visit to the mayor.

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