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Pack of Dogs Bit Dallas Woman More Than 100 Times

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DALLAS -- It's been a week since a woman was mauled by a pack of six dogs in South Dallas, leaving her with over a hundred wounds, clinging to life.

Dallas cops say 52-year-old Antoinette Brown could be heard screaming for help just before 5 Monday morning. The South Dallas attack is being called one of the most gruesome in the city's history.

"They had pulled the muscles out of one of her arms and bit down on her legs," a witness told NewsFix. "And it looked like a shark had bit her."

Citizens are concerned over the lack of communication from the police department and the rising number of vicious dogs off the leash.

"The people know how dangerous these dogs are. These neighbors realize it. They live this everyday," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "What we've gotta do is go pick these dogs up!"

Mayor Rawlings says the growing problem of aggressive dogs isn't new to South Dallas. Creating a plan on how to handle this is in the future is now a high priority.

"When anyone is hurt badly by an animal, DAS has to be contacted ASAP. That didn't happen in this case. Second, a whole policy around aggressive animals," Mayor Rawlings explained.

For the family of Ms. Brown, these new changes didn't come soon enough. Dallas PD officers say they are still investigating this attack. But they do have an idea who owns the pack of dogs.

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