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Flight Delayed After Woman Confuses Mathematician for Terrorist

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BOSTON, MA -- Math class,  the subject where numbers and letters collide and only a select few really know what the hell is going on.

But could it also be the new formula for terrorism?

Apparently some people really seem to think so! On Thursday, an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania said his flight was delayed because the woman sitting next to him thought he was scribbling some sort of terrorist plan on his notepad.

The woman told the crew she was sick, then fessed up later she thought the professor, Guido Menzio, was a terrorist.

Turns out he was just cleaning up some details for a presentation, at Queen's University in Canada. The flight ended up being delayed for two hours.

Yeah, you do the math.

So is this a case of racial profiling or simply the case of a woman who should have paid a lot more attention during math class?

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