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5 Questions With the Dallas Zoo Penguin Keeper About Babies’ First Swim

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic

If you love adorable baby animals acting ridiculously cute, then you must have seen this footage of the 3 month old penguin baby bros at the Dallas Zoo taking their first swim ever. They took a dip with their one-year-old sis, Marina and mom, and their also-adorable penguin keeper, Kayla, sporting a GoPro on her head. @MsDallasMaven went on the scene with us to ask all of your most burning penguin questions. I mean, do they really mate for life, no cheating?

Take the Penguin Plunge!

How adorable is this video from the Dallas Zoo? The Zoo had several GoPros around the penguin habitat, capturing the moment from all angles. Kayla, the Penguin Keeper, even wore a GoPro on her head for some extra special footage!

Meet Kayla, The Penguin Keeper at the Dallas Zoo

@MsDallasMaven introduces us to Kayla the Penguin Keeper, who tells us about the penguins' first swim. You can see how much Kayla loves her job on a day like this!

Splish Splash They Were Taking a Bath

We were so excited to see the penguins first swim that we forgot they didn't really know how! We watched them splish splash around, trying to get the hang of being in the water, until they decided pretty quickly to get out of there.

Who Are the Hot Penguin Couples at the Zoo?

According to Kayla, there are three "It" penguin couples currently ruling at the Dallas Zoo. Each couple wears a matching color arm band because, let's face it, penguins know how to rock a look.

Do Penguins Have Any Cute, Couple Behavior?

The Penguin Pairs love to preen each other, just like you would adjust the collar of your honey's jacket. They never cross-clean, though! (At least, not in front of the humans!)

How Does Climate Change Effect Penguins?

The population of African Black-footed Penguins is only 2% of its number in the early 1900's. As the global temperature heats up, these lil' cuties have to travel farther and farther for their food. Not all of them can make it!

Just a Couple Chill Penguin Bros, Walking to the Pool

What's Your Fave Part of Being a Penguin Keeper?

Kayla says that she loves most of all the first swim of her darling little charges. They will totter up the water, and after a brief pause, flop right in! She likes to take it as a life lesson and dive headfirst into life!

You Done, Bro? Ya, Me Too!

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