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Days After Vandal Strikes, Mount Olive Hosts Sunday Services

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DALLAS — There were boards on the windows, but the doors were wide open Sunday morning at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, just days after a vandal smashed their priceless stained glass windows.

“My first feeling was like a punch in the gut,” Reverend Deb Loudin-McCann opened up to her congregation.

The damage was exactly that to this small, tight-knit church. Replacing the windows could cost tens of thousands of dollars. But even so, today the congregation preached forgiveness, not reprisal.

“We move on in love and light, offering forgiveness,” said Reverend McCann. “And now just this morning I heard about the young man being someone that suffers from mental illness and my heart just broke all over again, but not for broken windows, my heart broke for him.”

This historic church is home to one of the city’s oldest food pantries and was the regular Dallas meeting place for Martin Luther King’s “Southern Christian Leadership Conference” during the Civil Rights Movement.

“This place has always been a beacon of hope and light and goodness here in a desperate and underserved community,” McCann said of the church.

But now this giving church needs a little help themselves, and the community has so far poured it in with donations and messages of support!

So while the historic windows may have been shattered, the folks here at Mount Olive are showing us all that there’s a lot more to them than some stained glass windows.

If you’d like to help out Mount Olive Lutheran Church, donations can be mailed to:

3100 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75215

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