Slender Man Movie: Hollywood Plans to Scare Us One More Time

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HOLLYWOOD, CA-The boogeyman under the bed, monsters in your closet, it doesn't take much to scare kids, but what if the fictional fears of children, turned into the premise of a real life horror story?

Remember the 2014 senseless Slender Man crime where two 12-year-olds in Wisconsin allegedly lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times?

Well, Hollywood didn't forget; now, it's the inspiration for a new Slender Man movie.

Nothing makes a better horror film than basing your story line on a true story.

What's not real is the tale of this blurry figure.

Slender Man is a fictitious character with long limbs and a distorted face who lures kids, asking them to kill in exchange for a home in his mansion in the woods.

The movie will center around the horrific crime that brought Slender Man from  backwoods to courtroom drama.

Both girls are still awaiting trial, charged as adults with attempted first degree homicide.

So the question, will the film inspire more gruesome attacks or will it finally teach teens a lesson in not believing everything they see online?

Moral behind this story, sometimes real life is scarier than what we can make up.

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