13 Signs You Have a Totally Cool Mom

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We’ve already hit you with the mother-in-law horror stories. Now, it’s time to give a shout out to the cool moms.

mean girls mom

Nah, not those clueless chicks who strut around in their mom jeans…

mom jeans

We’re talking about the hip and trendy, hands down, no questions asked, more like your big sister than your mama. Don’t know the difference? Well, here are 13 ways to know EXACTLY if your mom is one of the coolest of them all…


1) You both hate the same pathetic people

mom meme1


2) She’s the life of the party

marge simpson dancing


3) But she’s also a BOSS!



4) She has no filter… whatsoever!

sophia golden girls

golden girls

sophia golden girls


5) She’s just as attached to her cell phone as you are

kris jenner cell phone


6) And she doesn’t send you crazy texts like these moms…

funny mom text

funny mom text1

funny mom text2

Wait, those are funny though… LOL


7) She knows ALL the juicy gossip


8) She’s just as excited as you are when you meet a new hottie

christina aguilera


9) She’s always there when you need her…

mean girls mom


10) And gives the best advice

gilmore girls


11) She’s the queen of throwing shade

cosby show


12) She’s the reason for the lyrics, “I got it from my mama!”


13) And… she’s your best friend forever! #BFF

gilmore girls1


Awww… if you have a cool mom, show us! Enter the CW33 “Motherly Love” contest by clicking here.

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