UPDATE: McKinney Family’s Home Saved in I-75 Shortcut Plan

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MCKINNEY -- For Jack and Marilyn Geren, McKinney's plan for a shortcut to 75 was nothing short of a highway from hell. NewsFix first told you about the Geren's fight with the city last week over the place they've called home for 44 years.

Tuesday night , it was up to the McKinney City Council to vote between four plans for the proposed Parkway.  Only one of the plans would spare the Gerens' house from the chopping block.

"I get emails today about this nasty city council kicking people out of their house so we can make roads and yet nothing was warranted," said Rainey Rogers, McKinney City Council member.

The council voted to spare the Gerens' house, although the freeway will be built right next to their once peaceful farm and the new road will go through part of Tunnell's newly purchased property.

But the Gerens are happy it wasn't worse. They'll have to watch the traffic pass them by, but at least they can do it from their front porch.