Ruff Life: Lyla’s Looking for a Little Mother’s Day Magic

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DALLAS -- She was stuck on the street spending nights wherever she could while putting all her energy into her playful pups instead of herself. It's Mother's Day weekend, y'all, and we've got a mama dog who needs a shout out... and a home!

"She had eight puppies and was a really good mom, was taking great care of them," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Holly Morgan. "She's a survivor."

Lyla and her octet of open mouths were scooped off the street a few months ago. While she had to be treated for heartworms (she's all better now!) and an abscess on her face, her pups were in perfect condition.

"She did that with eight puppies, all of whom were healthy and adopted out," Morgan said.

Now, Lyla's got a clean bill of health and is looking for some help.

So, who is this brindle beauty?

"Lyla is a real sweetie," Morgan said. "You could call her a polite, lovely southern lady."

Her interests just happen to be whatever your interests are.

"Lyla is a really great mix of both couch potato and wants to go maybe running, jogging, walking with you, so she's not looking for any particular personality," Morgan said.

Of course, the "mom bod" struggle is still an issue, so you might want to work in a work out or two.

"She's getting back into dating shape again," Morgan joked. "She'll never have puppies again. She's taken the no-puppy pledge, but she's healthy, and she's getting fitter looking every day."

So this Mother's Day week think family, not flowers, for lovely lady Lyla.