Local Dogs Saved From Being Turned Into Soup at Korean Dog Meat Farm

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DALLAS -- If you're looking for your next fur friend to be foreign, you might want to visit the SPCA in Dallas. The facility just received a special delivery from Wanju, Korea.

But as cute as all six of these dogs are, they come with a ruff past!

"These guys were found at a farm where all of the dogs there were being bred to be eaten later," explained Maura Davies with SPCA of Texas.

Yeah, you read right. These dogs were going to be chopped up and made into dog soup or like the Koreans would say, "Bosintang!"

Geesh! That's a tale that might even make Kim Jong-un shed a tear -- or two!

Turns out, all six were saved by Humane Society International as a part of a rescue mission that started back in February. HSI has already helped rescue 250 dogs from the South Korea farm, and they've all been delivered to shelters in the U.S. and Canada.

The SPCA says they're currently getting them ready for adoption.


But these guys aren't the only ones who've recently dodged doggy heaven. Check out this video of  a chihuahua spotted on I-30 by Fort Worth PD earlier this week...

After an officer saved this little guy from a close encounter with a car, he was sent to Chuck Silcox Animal Care and Control Center where he's safe and sound.

Guess every dog has it's day.