Facebook Pays 10-Year-Old Boy $10,000 for Hacking Instagram

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LONDON -- A 10-year-old boy from Finland just became the youngest person ever to receive a reward from Facebook after he uncovered a bug on its Instagram platform. (And he's not even old enough to have his own account, according to Instagram's minimum age policy.)

Facebook gave the boy $10,000 after he told the company about a flaw that allowed him to delete other people's comments.

The boy reportedly told Finnish newspaper Iltalehti that he could have even deleted comments from Justin Bieber. Named only as "Jani", the boy from Helsinki, Finland, plans to spend his money on a bike and a soccer ball, the newspaper reported.

That's going to be one nice bike, right?? And why not get a couple soccer jerseys to go with the ball?

Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012, said the bug was fixed in late February and Jani got his check in March.

Facebook has been running its "bug bounty program" since 2011, rewarding hackers when they report tech and security problems, paying out ram has paid out more than $4.3 million to over 800 people around the world. The size of the reward varies depending on the issue.