Why More Texas Women Are Choosing the Abortion Pill

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AUSTIN -- When it comes to abortions here in Texas, turns out more women are sticking with plan b before even considering plan a. Ever since the FDA relaxed its rules on the abortion pill Mifeprex back in March, women are reportedly skipping surgical abortions and choosing medically-induced abortions instead.

The new FDA changes allow women to use the drug 7 to 9 weeks into pregnancy with fewer check ups by a doctor.

Planned Parenthood says before the changes took effect, only 40% of women seeking abortions chose the abortion pill over a surgical abortion. With fewer abortion clinics open for business, some women are finding the pill is now their best option. Chief External Affairs Officer, Sarah Wheat also added that their facilities have  already seen a "four-fold increase in patients who are able to choose medication abortion as a safe option."

Opponents worry easy access to the pill will lead to an increase in failed abortions and painful side effects, which can include heavy bleeding and infection.

In a statement to NewsFix, Texans For Life Coalition says they believe the pill "is a recipe for incomplete abortions."

Planned Parenthood argues the new changes will put this decision back in a woman's hands and out of the politicians.

And that could be a hard pill to swallow!