‘The Vampire Diaries’: A New Huntress Rises From Rayna’s Ashes

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Much like Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff) would rise from the ashes every time she died, a new phoenix-themed huntress has stepped up to the plate in the wake of Rayna’s last and final death.

While Bonnie (Kat Graham) may be out of danger as far as the poisoned magical pills go, now she’s got a whole new problem to worry about. Rayna’s final gift to her wasn’t just her remaining years, but also her hatred of vampires and the insatiable urge to kill them at any cost.

This latest development puts a wrench into more than one relationship, since Bonnie pretty much exclusively hangs out with vampires these days.

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We’re not sure she’ll be able to be Caroline’s (Candice King) maid of honor, Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) devoted girlfriend, or Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) BFF, if she’s constantly fighting back the urge to drive stakes through their hearts.

Meanwhile, Matt (Zach Roerig) can’t catch much of a break either.

After wondering for weeks why he has it out for Stefan (Paul Wesley), fans finally found out the truth behind Penny’s (Ana Nogueira) tragic death. Blaming Stefan is understandable, since Penny would never have died if he hadn’t returned for the anniversary of Caroline’s mother’s passing — no matter how sweet the gesture is.

Still, Matt was the one who accidentally shot her, so playing the blame game isn’t exactly in his best interest. At least Stefan was generous enough to compel the memories away?

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As we get closer to the season finale, the big question on everyone’s mind should probably be, what is in that vault?

Bonnie may have imprisoned the remaining members of the Armory inside their little safe-haven, but whatever is trapped inside with them doesn’t seem like it can be contained with a simple spell. We may not know just what — or who — it is, but the finale’s title, “Gods & Monsters” isn’t what we’d consider reassuring.

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