Student Shoots Himself at Kimball High School

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DALLAS — A Kimball High School student was rushed to the hospital Monday morning after officials say he accidentally shot himself in the leg on campus.

One student took this picture of the gun and posted it to social media…

The 15-year-old student is expected to survive, but we’ve got major questions — how did he get the gun into school? And why did he bring a gun to school in the first place?!

“He intended to shoot another student and wound up shooting himself in the leg,” Eva Alejandro, whose daughter attends Kimball, told NewsFix.

Well right now, Dallas ISD is only saying the student and his parent were scheduled to meet with school administrators for a conference and bypassed the metal detectors.

“They really need to step up and have more metal detectors put in,” Alejandro said. “When I walk into the school and the metal detector goes off, there’s no one to stop me and say, ‘Hey, can I check your pocket?'”